Molly O'Keefe Photography

Molly O’Keefe Photography

The DeBeen Queen, Debbie Workman opened DeBeen Espresso in 1997, after accepting a challenge from her father and aunt. She loved her childhood bakery, the Rocket Bakery and cafe in Spokane, WA. It was full of an eclectic mix of people, the uplifting aroma of fresh coffee, fresh baked goodies and comfortable surroundings.

Debbie realized there were no real coffeehouses in High Point with the tip from her Aunt Lois. So, she and her roommate Venus, hopped in their cars following a U-haul all the way to North Carolina. They soon took out a lease on a quaint corner in High Point, NC.  In fact, DeBeen was the beginning of the revitalization of “the heart of Emerywood.”

People had a reason to walk to the corner again, a destination for a quick break! Inspired by Debbie’s warmth and spirit, patrons became family and began donating furniture, art, and even helped build a small stage that would serve as a showcase for local talent.

Considering Debbie’s love of the arts, people and music, it was natural that she invited local artists to perform at the coffeehouse. Several local groups have approached Debbie and asked if she would host many various events including, parties, group gatherings, open mic nights, art openings and musicians.

More than atmosphere, great music, and cozy comforts, Deb has always been about the drinks. From freshly roasted fair-trade coffees, to the finest locally roasted espresso beans, Deb and the DeBeen crew always create every drink with love and attention.